Report: Dallas Investor Ray Washburne Being Considered for Secretary of the Interior

After helping Donald Trump's campaign as the vice chairman of the 2016 Trump Victory Committee, Dallas investor Ray Washburne may receive a handsome reward for his services, CNBC reports.Washburne's name has surfaced in the list of candidates to be President-elect Trump's secretary of the interior. The SMU graduate currently chairs the transition commerce team and was once the chairman of the Republican National Committee.Washburne has had an influence in a number of areas as leader of Charter Holdings, from energy and finance to restaurants and real estate. He was co-founder of the M Crowd Restaurant Group that included Mi Cocina, Taco Diner and The Mercury.Washburne's family has a history in politics. His great-grandfather Hempstead Washburne was mayor of Chicago in the 1890s. His great-great-grandfather Elihu Benjamin Washburne was a congressman from Illinois.  Continue reading...

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