Report Cards Aren't Just for Kids: See How Your Texas Public School Fared

Kids aren't the only ones who bring home report cards. In Texas, public schools do, too.Reports for 2015-16 are online, the Texas Education Agency announced Thursday. They answer burning questions such as:What is the school's academic rating, and did it earn any distinctions for outshining its peers?How did kids do on STAAR tests?What's the average class size?How much does the school spend per student?For high schools, what's the graduation rate? How did students perform on the SAT or ACT?Unlike the report cards that kids bring home, you won't find any A's or F's assigned to schools. But they're on the horizon. Last year the Texas legislature decided to require letter grades for public schools.The state will give preliminary letter grades to campuses early next year and final ones starting in 2018. In other states, the grading system has critics asking whether they unfairly punish schools that serve hard-to-educate kids.The latest report cards are also required by state law. Districts give copies to parents and guardians.  Continue reading...

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