‘Remove It': Dallas City Council Is Finally Ready to Take Down the Confederate War Memorial

The Dallas City Council took no vote Wednesday — nothing formal, anyway, no counting of hands nor tallying of ballots. But with each speech, each lamentation, each rebuke, it became increasingly clear that, at last, they have reached a consensus: The Confederate War Memorial next to City Hall must go."Remove it, put it in storage and consider re-envisioning the space," said Mayor Pro Tem Casey Thomas, a black man. "Something to reflect the Dallas of the future, not the Dallas of the past.""It's not honoring soldiers," said Mark Clayton, a white man. "It's honoring traitors. That's all it has ever been. It may look pretty. It may be old. But that doesn't give us reason to keep it up."It was surprising, and bracing, to hear these strong, unequivocal statements after years of mealy-mouthed discussions and sweaty-palmed dithering over the 1896 Confederate War Memorial, a 65-foot-tall obelisk guarded by marble soldiers who fought for the right to keep slaves.  Continue reading...

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