Redo of Uptown Dallas' Landmark Quadrangle Will Add Office and Retail Space

Uptown Dallas' first mixed-use development — the half-century-old Quadrangle — is headed for redevelopment.Stream Realty Partners, which bought the property in January, intends to construct a 12-story office building and new retail space at the Quadrangle."Fifty years ago, the Quadrangle was a destination-oriented boutique retail center tucked back in a little neighborhood," said Stream Realty managing director Ramsey March. "It was innovative for its time and set a high standard in its day."Our job now is to envision what it can be for Uptown in the 2020s."It will be a major makeover for the 4-acre project on Routh Street between McKinney Avenue and Cedar Springs Road.Built in 1966 as a Southwestern style compound of one-of-a-kind shops and small offices, the Quadrangle has gone through several transformations. A redevelopment in the 1980s added an office building.  Continue reading...

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