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A rare apology ...Re: "Cruz vs. Zuckerberg — Ignoring Cambridge Analytica, Texan alleges pro-left bias," Wednesday news story.Mark Zuckerberg spoke two words that have rarely been heard in of the Senate chambers — I'm sorry.Paul LeBon, Denton... that Trump should noteMark Zuckerberg testified. Fell on his sword, took the blame and admitted mistakes. President Donald Trump should take note as he is never responsible for anything — that damn Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Curse them.Kurt Wolfenbarger, East DallasHold on there, FacebookWhoa, something is fundamentally wrong with Facebook and its data. I have an account, am not accepting friends, do not post and only use my log-in when needed on sites that use Facebook pages instead of a website. I logged on recently just to check and, to my surprise, Facebook somehow decided my politics are "very conservative." Imagine my shock when I saw that, because if I were a teacher grading that work, it would be an F. How did Facebook algorithms get to that data point? I am a registered Democrat. I don't post or participate in any online forums; I don't even have the Facebook app on my phone. It occurred to me that, globally, people trust this site, and maybe before trusting any website, folks should peek behind the curtain then decide what's correct and what's not. I jokingly tell my friends that it bothers me when computers think they are smarter than I am and now it bothers me more that Facebook is not even close and just plain wrong! What else is not right with the site?Perri Brackett, LewisvilleO'Rourke the dangerous choiceWow! Not just one letter but three letters in support of Rep. Beto O'Rourke in Tuesday's letters. But, of course, The Dallas Morning News does lean left, in my opinion.O'Rourke scares me with his disdain for the Second Amendment. I'm a proud gun owner and National Rifle Association member who doesn't want my God-given rights taken away. O'Rourke wants to ban AR-15s and high-capacity magazines. This will accomplish nothing, and in my opinion, if one ban succeeds, it will only lead to another ban until all guns are outlawed. O'Rourke is pro-choice on abortion, so to him it's OK to kill in this instance.We've seen what Democrats have done to California. They have made it the laughing stock of the country — they rank last in quality of life of all 50 states, according to a recent report.I fully support Sen. Ted Cruz and admire him for bringing to light that social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc., are all for free speech as long as that speech leans left. Those of us with a conservative point of view are listed as dangerous. Cruz is the right one to represent Texas and has my vote in November.Gail Coleman, GarlandGun ban just the startRe: "Too dangerous for Texas," by Julie Waller, Tuesday Letters.Julie Waller says anyone who gets an A-plus rating from the National Rifle Association is too dangerous for Texas. I have news for Julie. The NRA fights for all amendments in the Bill of Rights. If the second was repealed, there would be a domino effect on the entire Bill of Rights.While most on the left cry for sensible gun control and swear they won't come take your guns, Rep. Beto O'Rourke speaks more honestly. He states he would start by banning the manufacture, sale and ownership of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. What would be next? My bird gun is a semi-auto shotgun. All it's ever killed is dove and quail. While I'm not a huge fan of Sen. Ted Cruz, O'Rourke, like Hillary Clinton, frightens me. I just wish our lawmakers would deal with the fact Clinton lost and try to get our country out of some of the messes we're in. That goes for both parties.Jimmie George, FarmersvilleEnact common-sense lawsTexas legislators need to stop being afraid of the National Rifle Association and start implementing common-sense laws to protect citizens and schoolchildren. For instance, there should be a minimum of a five-day waiting period before anyone should be allowed to purchase firearms. Countless lives would be saved. California requires 10 days.No one under age 21 should be allowed to purchase firearms of any type. Plus, all bump stocks, assault rifles and magazines holding more than six shells need to be banned from the general public. Gun shows should be required to follow the same regulations as stores that sell firearms. HB 1935 was passed by the Texas Legislature allowing Texans to carry just about any type of knife regardless of length. This is another example how the Legislature doesn't really care about the safety of our kids and citizens.Edward Lindsay, Fort WorthSecurity needs bipartisanshipRe: "Arizona, Texas send troops south — Hundreds deploying as first step after Trump's call for up to 4,000," Saturday news story.The Trump administration's plan to send National Guard troops to the border to assist the Border Patrol does little to address the problem of illegal immigration in this country. As with prior administrations, enacting executive action to fix a broken immigration system does little to fix the real issue, which is the inadequacy of Congress to find bipartisan solutions for real reform. It is unfortunate that congressional leaders could not come to a compromise for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which was an executive action by the president without congressional oversight. Furthermore, the humane aspects of immigration law in this country need to be considered for it is ridiculous to see the backlog for the number of immigration cases currently pending. Our justice system should be reformed so as to allow swift and quick resolutions to immigration cases. Furthermore, the right of a nation to secure its borders and ensure the safe and domestic tranquility of its citizens should be upheld and acknowledged by both sides. Perhaps a wall is not the answer, but it is time for both sides to come together to find real solutions that work.Eric Stengel, RichardsonAddress poverty as a wholeRe: "New View of Dallas' Homeless — Agency networking smart use of resources," April 3 Editorials.I disagree that a "homeless person is a human being who has lost his or her way." Homelessness is a crisis, but a systemic and predictable one. We need to address the full iceberg of poverty that accumulates from malnutrition, low wages, poor health, discrimination, segregation, humiliation and the mental illness and stress caused by poverty. The increasing income disparity is detrimental to the economic future of Dallas. Dallas and Collin counties must adopt programs that aim to reduce the income disparity — affordable, desegregated housing; efficient mass transit; affordable health care and child care; living wages. We cannot delegate our future to an indifferent state and federal government.Sharon T. Doherty, GarlandLosers getting paidThere was once a time when a parent would tell a son, "If you want to make a lot of money in life, study hard and become a doctor or a lawyer."Nowadays an adult male can do pretty well if he is a losing college football head coach.Ed Kominski, Weatherford  Continue reading...

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