Read the Latest Consumer Warnings Shared by Our Readers on the New ‘Dawg’s Bulletin Board'

Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Every week I get great ideas from readers - dozens - that never make it into The Watchdog column because of time and space.Today I unveil a new feature: Dawg's Bulletin Board.It's a Watchdog Nation community board with ideas from folks like you. I know you'll find something here you like.A button of germs, from James Farmer:James Farmer is worried about spreading the flu. He suggests that the water button on a restaurant's drink fountain is the "most touched square half-inch on the planet." Other drinks are poured without human touch, but that water button requires an index finger to work."I have mentioned it to restaurant employees and they merely shrug," he says. "I have tried using a napkin to press the button and generally made a mess."My take: Work on the napkin move. It has potential.  Continue reading...

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