Rape, Hazing and Heavy Drinking Allegations Prompted UTA to Shutdown Most Greek Life

University of Texas at Arlington President Vistasp Karbhari has a crisis on his hands. Recently, a student nearly died of alcohol poisoning. Then came multiple reports of sexual assaults connected to Greek organizations on campus. A handful of groups had already been placed on suspension in recent years following misconduct that included hazing and drinking. It was time to do more. This week, UT-Arlington officials took the unprecedented action of issuing a sweeping moratorium on all social activities by fraternities and sororities.Disciplining only the group involved in the allegations does not address the underlying concerns regarding the culture and environment of Greek life on campus, Karbhari said in a sit-down interview Friday with The Dallas Morning News. "The one driving thing we have to remember is the safety, security and well being of all our students," Karbhari said. "And that's what we're focused on right now."   Continue reading...

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