Rams Or Pats? Gorillas at Dallas, Fort Worth Zoos Make Super Bowl Predictions

Enticed by treats, the gorillas at the Dallas and Fort Worth zoos faced off Thursday to pick the Super Bowl winner. The Dallas Zoo's gorilla troop, including 7-month-old Saambili, decided between themed foods to pick a winner. In Fort Worth, the zoo hoped Gus, its 3-year-old western lowland gorilla, would choose between football-shaped pinatas full of snacks.Gus was "hesitant to take the field," the zoo said, so his mother, Gracie, stepped in. In the end, the gorillas at both zoos chose the Los Angeles Rams to win Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. "We're keepin' it in the animal kingdom — go Rams," the Fort Worth Zoo said.  Continue reading...

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