Quick Actions Saved Man's Life During ‘Longmire' Actor's Speech at UTA

There is no good time to suffer a heart attack -- but as Joe Gamble found out, it is possible to be at the right place at the right time. The 72-year-old Mansfield resident just happened to be surrounded by a coterie of individuals who had been through it before when he suffered a heart attack during a function Sept. 7 at the University of Texas at Arlington. Gamble was in Texas Hall along with about 1,000 others to hear actor Lou Diamond Phillips speak. He says he has no memory of anything that night -- not the pain, not the terrified look on his wife's face or the people who rushed in to save his life. UTA police officer and Army veteran, Garry Douthitt, working an overtime shift, helped carry Gamble from his seat to an aisle and begin chest compressions. They were helped by two nurses who happened to be nearby. James Hollis, UTA's director of community partnerships, also rushed in and kept Gamble's head secure and his airway clear.   Continue reading...

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