Public Trust Won’t Be Restored at DeSoto City Hall Until Authorities Fully Investigate Fraud

One thing is certain about the latest disturbing news out of DeSoto: When you shine a spotlight on something, the glare can sometimes uncover all kinds of wrongdoing.Last year, it was the revelation that adults in the DeSoto school district had put their own financial enrichment ahead of kids. Now, a Dallas Morning News investigation has shown that taxpayers were likely ripped off again — this time at City Hall.And we believe the details of this case and what appears to be a slipshod initial investigation scream for an aggressive do-over by an outside agency into whether there is corruption in this town of 53,000 residents.Too often, unscrupulous officials in small towns bank on their actions going unnoticed. They can’t be allowed to get away with destroying the public’s trust. When they do, we all lose.The News found that City Council member Candice Quarles benefited from thousands of taxpayer dollars her husband admitted stealing in illegal credit card charges when he was the head of the town’s economic development corporation.  Continue reading...

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