Prosecutors' Cowboy Boots Prompt Sole-searching Subpoena From Ken Paxton

AUSTIN — Attorney General Ken Paxton's legal team is lacing up for a new fight with the special prosecutors pursuing charges against him — this time, over their choice of footwear. Late last week, one of Paxton's lawyers subpoenaed the Texas Rangers for information on "gifts" the prosecutors might have received, specifically "commemorative badges" and cowboy boots. Paxton's lawyers didn't respond to questions about why they wanted this information. Prosecutor Kent Schaffer said he thinks the subpoenas target him and fellow prosecutor Brian Wice, who each own a pair of Texas Rangers cowboy boots, specialty footwear made for the law enforcement agency and their friends by Fort Worth-based boot company Justin Brands.Reached by phone Tuesday during his lunchtime, Schaffer shrugged off the subpoenas and questions over whether he and Wice should be concerned."We got a good chuckle out of them," Schaffer told The Dallas Morning News. "I'm more concerned whether I want mayonnaise or mustard on the roast beef sandwich I'm about to order."  Continue reading...

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