Privacy for Texas Abuse Victims, Dallas County's Math Error, Gerrymandering: Your Monday Evening Roundup

Good evening! Here is a look at the top headlines of the day.👋 Stay in touch: Do you want to get this roundup via email? Sign up for our newsletters here. Texas closes loophole in abuse victims' privacy safeguards, thanks to mom concerned for daughter's safetyOne woman fled across state lines, tired of the fractured ribs and broken leases, of pulling her kids out of school -- four times in semester -- sick of how her husband, whose job it was to protect people, used his hands instead to harm her.Another received a card from the man who raped her every year on her birthday, the handwritten message mocking her from the mailbox outside her home.Then there was the mother, afraid for her young daughter and son-in-law, who were trying to start their new life while their stalker walked free, impeded only by an ankle monitor and a restraining order.It was this mother's story that got Plano Sen. Van Taylor interested in the Texas Address Confidentiality Program. The resulting legislation, which Gov. Greg Abbott said he was "proud to sign," will close a loophole while also expanding the program to additional Texans.Commentary: An unwilling bride at 14, this Dallas woman helped outlaw child marriages in Texas.Special session: A new poll shows that Republican voters consider the ‘bathroom bill’ an important issue for the Legislature.  Continue reading...

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