Principals Helping Principals: Educators Adopt Schools in Harvey Flood Zone, Preparing for the Long Road to Recovery

Principal Melissa Messenger isn’t only worried about her family, unable to leave her neighborhood because of flood waters surrounding her home. She’s worried about her other family, too: The 760 students and dozens of staffers from her middle school in Pasadena.Messenger has been glued to the television, where she saw some of her students being rescued from roofs. Then she saw an apartment complex many where many of them lived -- completely destroyed.Now she frets about what damage has been done to the campus - Marshall Kendrick Middle School. She wants to start classes as soon as possible so the children can find peace and comfort in the normal rhythm of school.Will her students have clothes or school supplies? Will her teachers?Messenger doesn’t have the answers, but she can at least find comfort knowing that another principal -- Young Junior High Principal Kelly Hastings in Arlington -- has got her back.The two became connected through a grassroots effort called “Principals Helping Principals” started by a Keller educator. It’s quickly grown to a nationwide support system partnering schools affected by the storm with those ready to help during the long recovery ahead.By Wednesday morning, nearly 150 schools had been adopted by other schools.“I know there's going to be so much need for my kiddos and staff. I'm doing my best not to lose it, and keep calm for my school," Messenger said. "But to have people reach out to us that we don't even know, it's ... it’s indescribable.”  Continue reading...

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