Princeton High Parent Upset Over Coach Accused of Mocking Student in Texts

A North Texas mom says a school did not do enough to punish a coach accused of mocking her son over text message to other students. Jackie Aparicio says her 17-year-old son, Lucas, learned about the group text exchange from another student. "It hurts. You try to protect your kids and make sure that they're not part of this," said Aparicio.Aparicio shared screen grabs that show a conversation between Coach Michele Housden and some of the students on the Princeton High School soccer team.There's a discussion about "pretty boy Luke" and prom. Coach Housden chimed in with a text that said, "That kid is a woman on twitter, makes me want to [vomit Emoji]." The exchange continues with one student asking what Housden thinks of the boy's rapping videos. Housden responds with a meme, featuring rapper Lil' Wayne and the words, "Last name talent first name zero."Princeton ISD Superintendent Philip Anthony said the district can't discuss the discipline of a teacher, but said policy requires teachers to include parents on any text exchanges. He says policy also limits digital communication between students and teachers to extracurricular and school business.Housden's lawyer provided a photo of a letter of reprimand from the school, issued after a five-day paid suspension to investigate the text messages.For the full story, visit NBC5.  Continue reading...

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