Presidents Bush, Clinton Take Jabs at Trump, Call for Bipartisanship at Leadership Program Ceremony

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton made several subtle digs at the current administration while discussing hot-button issues Thursday night during a conversation recognizing graduates of their leadership program."I disagree with so much of what's happening today," Clinton said. "I think diversity is a godsend. I think it's one of America's great blessings."Their conversation was held at the George W. Bush Presidential Center as a part of the graduation ceremony for the 2019 class of Presidential Leadership Scholars, celebrating the almost 60 people who completed the former presidents' leadership program.Two former scholars -- Lisa Hallett, CEO of Wear Blue: Run to Remember, and Jay Bhatt, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of the American Hospital Association -- joined Clinton and Bush onstage. The discussion was centered on health care and veterans' affairs, but both former presidents also bemoaned the perceived lack of bipartisanship in America."I've been concerned for a long time about how we keep drifting apart," Clinton said. "We all say we want people to work together, but at least in politics, we don't always vote for what we say we want."  Continue reading...

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