Police Can Now Ask Texans to Show Their Papers, But Fifth Amendment Protects Us From Having to Answer

With the stroke of a pen, Gov. Greg Abbott has made Texas a "show me your papers" state. While our governor revels in this, let's consider what's been accomplished with the enactment of Senate Bill 4, the so-called sanctuary city bill.We've silenced noncitizen victims of crimes. To those who would retort, "They've no right to be here, so why protect them?" I say, think again: Criminals don't ask for papers. Not the muggers. Nor the burglars. Nor the rapists. The victim who doesn't call the cops because she's afraid this will lead to her deportation leaves a felon at large. That's a criminal who remains free and emboldened to prey upon you, me and our children. Criticism of SB 4 focused upon its cruel effect upon nonnative victims who must now fear the police. But the suffering of an "illegal" needn't move me in the least for me to recognize that her distrustful silence endangers all of us.  Continue reading...

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