Paxton Prosecutors Don't Get Rehearing, Chip Roy's Crusade Continues, Slavery Reparations Discussed, and Dallas Feels Fiscal Squeeze

Good morning!Here are the top political headlines from Austin, Washington, Dallas and the campaign trail.Points from Austin1. The long-running criminal case against Attorney General Ken Paxton hit another obstacle on Wednesday after the Court of Criminal Appeals refused to rehear arguments related to its ruling concerning payments to prosecutors in the case. If you'll recall, after Paxton was indicted on securities fraud charges in 2015, Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis recused himself as he is a close friend of Paxton's. Three special prosecutors were then appointed to handle the case. They were promised $300 an hour for their work. But after the bills began to mount, the county balked. It sued saying the judge who set the attorneys' fees went beyond his authority. Last month, the Court of Criminal Appeals agreed. And on Wednesday, it declined to reconsider. The prosecutors had indicated that they would step down if the court ruled against them, but it is unclear if that will happen. Prosecutor Brian Wice issued a statement yesterday saying he was "disappointed" by the decision but did not indicate what he plans to do next.Points from Washington  Continue reading...

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