Painting Veterans George W. Bush's Way to Give Back: ‘I Was Just So Honored to Be Their Commander-in-chief'

UNIVERSITY PARK -- A few years after former President George W. Bush took up painting, he began working with Fort Worth-based art teacher Sedrick Huckaby. The teacher, who had seen a series of paintings Bush had done of world leaders, suggested Bush now paint the portraits of people nobody knows.“It just dawned on me, why not honor these vets?” Bush, 70, said in a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News at the George W. Bush Center. “And not only honor them, but draw attention to what we are doing at the Bush Center, which is how do we get them the best help we can get them?”Sixty-six portraits and a four panel-mural of 98 service members and veterans will be featured in Bush's new book, Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors, which will be released Tuesday. The veterans and service members featured in the book have all gotten to know Bush since he left office eight years ago. In addition to the book, the portraits will be displayed as part of a special exhibit at the Bush Center's museum.  Continue reading...

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