Package Thief Caught Flat-footed Trying to Return Jimmy Choo Shoes, Highland Park Police Say

Police arrested a serial package theft suspect who they say tried to return some purloined pumps to Jimmy Choo in Highland Park Village.Kyle Cassady, 25, told officers called to the shopping center Thursday that he was merely trying to return a pair of pricey shoes his wife had bought a day earlier.They didn't buy his story any more than the store's staff did, and investigators quickly learned that the product's serial number matched shoes that delivered by UPS and reported stolen.What's more, Cassady's silver Ford Fusion, found parked at Highland Park Village, matched the description of a getaway car used in two front-porch package thefts a day earlier.And inside the car, "in plain view," were several packages bearing many different names and addresses, police said. The contents ranged in value from $16 to thousands of dollars.Investigators also got a warrant to search his home and found more stolen property there, police said.Highland Park police booked Cassady on a charge of theft between $30,000 and $150,000, along with several Class C warrants from Dallas and Irving.Police said they're working with their counterparts in Dallas and University Park to return all the packages to their rightful owners.  Continue reading...

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