Oy Vey: Another Lawsuit Filed in Tiny North Dallas Synagogue's Years-long Dispute With City Hall

Say this for Congregation Toras Chaim: That is one teeny but tenacious synagogue. And by "synagogue" I mean a 3,572-square-foot house in Far North Dallas, near Frankford and Hillcrest roads, which, far as the Collin County Appraisal District and I are concerned, might as well be Plano but whatever. If the name rings a bell, you are clearly a close reader of news stories involving Orthodox Jewish houses of worship, neighborhood deed restrictions, city codes and lawsuits. This story is now entering its fifth year. And as of Thursday, we are on our third religious-liberty lawsuit involving the little synagogue that could ... or couldn't, I guess we'll see what a judge says.  Continue reading...

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