Owner of Lamb of God, the Deep Ellum Dog Set to Die, Just Wants His ‘cuddle Buddy' Back

Sean Baugh spoke about his yellow Labrador in the past tense -- he said she had been a good dog -- before catching himself. "She is a good dog," the homeless 48-year-old said Monday afternoon, sitting astride his bicycle outside the Dallas Municipal Court. Moments earlier he'd been agitated, shouting at courtroom spectators, including downtown dwellers and media members, he accused of lying about how he mistreats his "cuddly buddy" sentenced to die. But now, in the sunlight, puffing on a cigarette away from the crowds of attorneys and bystanders, he was solemn, almost sad."She is a good dog," Baugh said, referring to the animal known as Lamb of God. "And she will be a good dog."  Continue reading...

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