Our Top Political Leaders Are Beginning to Sound Out-of-touch

For three of the nation's most prominent political figures, today is still yesterday. Two years later, they're still re-fighting the 2016 campaign.President Donald Trump is constantly replaying — and exaggerating — his 2016 success, as if he needs to convince himself that he really did win, and did so without the help that even some Republicans concede he got from Vladimir Putin.Similarly, Hillary Clinton is still trying to explain why she lost what should have been a sure thing. She's blaming almost everyone but herself, especially the voters who spurned her, most recently in a speech in India that wasn't far enough away for many Democrats.And Bernie Sanders is out on the campaign trail, still talking of mounting a political revolution. And he's still trying to stir up support for the same unrealistically expansive anti-establishment agenda that produced enthusiasm but insufficient votes to defeat Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination.  Continue reading...

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