Open Records Request Forces Denton to Reveal Amazon Air's Interest in Airport

Amazon's air cargo company made an initial approach to Denton leaders last fall about locating at the city's municipal airport.The city's economic development department was compelled Monday to reveal Amazon Air's identity after a citizen won an open records request to force the disclosure. The city had given the inquiry a code name, "Project High Flyer," which the Texas attorney general's office ultimately ruled was not protected information and could be released.No one at the city has heard from Amazon Air since the initial inquiry, said economic development director Caroline Booth. Kelly Cheeseman, spokeswoman for Amazon, said the company is always evaluating its operations but declined to comment further.The company's inquiry into Denton Enterprise Airport came about the same time as Amazon announced in September that it was looking for a place to build its second corporate headquarters, known as HQ2. It isn't clear, however, whether the interest Amazon Air has shown in Denton is part of the region's bid to lure the second headquarters.Denton participated in the cooperative proposal the region sent to Amazon. Dallas is among the 20 finalists for the prized project that promises to bring 50,000 jobs to the winning city. Amazon's real estate team visited Dallas in mid-February.  Continue reading...

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