Open-house Burglar Takes $85,000 Watch, $3,000 Cognac From Highland Park Home

A burglar with a taste for the finer things in life made off with an expensive watch and a bottle of cognac during a Highland Park open house in recent months.A homeowner in the 4300 block of Arcady Avenue, near Douglas Avenue, called police over the weekend after she noticed the items were missing as she packed up belongings.Missing from a shelf in the master bedroom closet was a 20-year-old Patek Philippe watch valued at $85,000. A $3,000 bottle of Rémy Martin Louis XIII cognac that had been sitting on a counter in the 4,500-bottle wine room also was gone.According to the homeowner, the four-bedroom, six-bathroom house — listed for $3.2 million —had hosted several open houses in November and December, and a number of people had been in the home during that time.The homeowner told police that her real-estate agent probably had a list of everyone who had been through the house.Fortunately, someone became enamored with the 5,600-square-foot Tudor and not the ritzy items inside it: Real-estate listings now show a pending sale for the property.  Continue reading...

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