One Year Later, Did AT&T's CEO Improve Customer Service?

I met the man who runs AT&T a year ago. CEO/Chairman/President/Big Kahuna Randall Stephenson invited me to his office to talk customer service.In our private 90-minute luncheon, he challenged me to understand that he cares about customer service. I challenged him by handing him a thick red binder filled with complaints about his company.Over time, the complaints worked out to more than one a day to me, The Watchdog. This has been going on for a decade."Make it stop," I pleaded.His company's inefficiencies were ruining my life, not to mention all the thousands who complained. (This was before Frontier Communications entered the scene and busted all complaint records.)So on the anniversary of what came to be called the "Chicken Salad Summit," how did the Big Kahuna do?I have answers. I've kept track of all the complaints that came in the past year. Last week my colleague Marina Trahan Martinez conducted a survey of the several hundred complainers to check their satisfaction with the company and the Big Kahuna.Tough crowd.  Continue reading...

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