One More Reason to Head to Mexico City: Pujol's New ‘taco Omakase' Bar

If you're a serious food lover and you haven't yet visited Mexico City — which boasts one of the most interesting dining scenes anywhere at the moment — you now have another delicious reason to pack up your appetite and get yourself there.In early March, chef Enrique Olvera closed his long-running, world-renowned Pujol restaurant and reopened it (without missing a day of service) in absolutely stunning new digs less than a mile away.The dining room is still tasting-menu only, and there's a new 6-course menu, including a couple of favorites from the last one — a smoking gourd bearing baby corn coated in coffee mayonnaise and powdered chicatana ants (one of the "street snacks") and a mole course (Olvera's famous "mole madre, mole nuevo").  Continue reading...

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