On the Anniversary of My Accident, I Went Looking for the Dallas Paramedic Who Is Still My Hero

Fifteen years ago, on a Saturday morning in May, I cut off the fingers on my left hand with a table saw. Horrified, I jolted into an emergency, laser-focus survival mode of calm.I rushed to my next-door neighbor's house, barking pleas to call 911 and get towels and ice before racing back to my workshop to turn off the saw and look on the floor for the finger pieces and tips. I thank God I found them quickly and easily.The paramedics showed up in an ambulance and, upon learning that I had lost my health insurance (as an independent self-employed contractor after the economy tanked following 9/11), they discussed taking me to Parkland Hospital. Paramedic Todd Hamessley overrode his partner to instead take me to Baylor.  Continue reading...

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