On Forest Lane, Dozens of Butchered Trees Offer ‘horrific' Peek at Texas' Future If Abbott Gets His Way

You can't make this stuff up: Last week, a tree-trimming company massacred dozens of live oaks on Forest Lane. Which would almost be hilarious — I mean, really, it's called Forest Lane — except it's anything but. The perps just up and decapitated the suckers — around 100, per the latest estimate — and left them for dead, or close enough, all because some out-of-town self-storage company wants its units visible from LBJ Freeway. Beware carpetbaggers swinging chainsaws.This is illegal because the city of Dallas says so. But that may not be the case by year's end. Your governor — and, seriously, he is all yours — has other ideas.For as long as I can remember, that short, narrow stretch of Forest, only a few feet west of Josey Lane, was lush and shaded, with limbs stretching from one side of the street to the other. Now it's a wasteland, the result of a criminal act committed in broad daylight.  Continue reading...

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