Oil and Gas Companies — Including Shell, Chevron and ExxonMobil — Come Out Against Texas ‘bathroom Bill'

AUSTIN — The nation's largest oil, gas and chemical companies are the latest big businesses to publicly oppose the so-called Texas bathroom bill.In a letter sent Monday to Gov. Greg Abbott, fifty Houston-area businesses said the bill would harm their ability to recruit and retain top talent. CEOs from Chevron North America E&P, Dow Chemical Company, ExxonMobil Global Services, Halliburton and Dow Chemical Company were among the signatories."We support diversity and inclusion, and we believe that any such bill risks harming Texas' reputation and impacting the state's economic growth and ability to create new jobs," they wrote. "Any bill that harms our ability to attract top talent to Houston will inhibit our growth and continued success - and ultimately the success of our great state."Abbott called lawmakers back to Austin earlier this month for a special session, and included the bathroom legislation on his list of priorities. Three bills have been filed that would restrict the bathrooms available for use to transgender men, women and children.Several other major corporations, including AT&T, American Airline, IBM and TI, have also denounced the legislation as "discriminatory" toward the transgender community and bad for Texas business. This is a breaking news story. Check back here for updates.  Continue reading...

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