Officials Quietly Resigned, Retired From Texas Prison Where Whistleblower Says Teen Inmates Were Abused

During her four years as the supervisor of a program for troubled teens jailed in adult prison, Dominique Mitchell repeatedly alleged abuse and neglect:A mentally ill teenager was taunted by guards who told him to kill himself. Another teen had been in solitary for two years. Inmates were fighting because guards left them alone for hours. The guards derided her as “a snitch.” Bosses admonished her for speaking out of turn, sending too many emails, asking too many questions.“I still feel that it is my duty professionally and ethically to report the issues,” she wrote in a December 2016 email. “Eventually a youthful offender is going to be seriously injured or killed by these officers or by another offender.”Less than a year later, in August 2017, an adult inmate and teenager were discovered engaging in a sexual act through the bars of the teen’s cell.  Continue reading...

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