Oak Lawn Repeat Offender, Josh Hamilton Released, Labor Shortage: Your Friday Evening Roundup

Good evening! Here is a look at the top headlines of the day.👋 Stay in touch: Do you want to get this roundup via email? Sign up for our newsletters here. How one homeless man is terrifying Oak Lawn, a neighborhood on edgeDallas police say that Timothy Box is a "nuisance," an aggressive panhandler. Sgt. David Davis at the Northwest Patrol Division, which keeps watch over Oak Lawn, said two cops assigned to Cedar Springs for more than a decade "have encountered him for as long as they've been on the beat."He has been there, on and off, for years. Arrested over and over; charged some two dozen times; incarcerated, too, often in state jail but occasionally in county lock-up or the city's drunk tank. His crimes, those to which he has pleaded guilty, have ranged from trespassing at the neighborhood Kroger and stealing vodka from an Oak Lawn Avenue liquor store to meth possession and spitting at a cop and threatening a couple with a broken bottle.A longtime bar owner along Cedar Springs Road used to decorate his windows with the man's always-growing rap sheet. In the middle of a weekday afternoon, patrons at neighborhood bars can be overheard talking about him, cursing his name, sharing could-be tall tales about his doings, asking one another if "hey, you seen that S.O.B. lately?"Officer acquitted: A former Dallas police officer was acquitted Friday on charges that he drove dangerously when he struck a fleeing bicyclist with his car in 2013. More in crime: A former Marine from Arlington was sentenced to 21 months in prison for faking a war injury for financial gain.  Continue reading...

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