North Texas YouTuber Preston Arsement Surpasses 10 Million Subscribers With Family-friendly Channel

Family-friendly North Texas YouTuber Preston Arsement reached a milestone this week, surpassing 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel catering toward children of all ages."It's been very humbling, to be quite honest," the 25-year-old Arsement said.Arsement's following on his Preston channel has nearly quadrupled in the last two years, according to social media analytics site SocialBlade. In that time, he has refined his strategy to be even more conscientious of his younger followers and even more focused on the quality of the videos he's producing.Recently, that shift has come in the form of publishing vlogs based on sketches he writes with the help of a team of more than a dozen professionals now assisting with his production. The shift in strategy was something that excited Arsement, who rose to prominence on YouTube playing Minecraft and Fortnite.  Continue reading...

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