North Texas Transportation Bureaucrats Must Move Beyond Tolls for I-635 Expansion

The latest chapter in the frustrating start-and-stop nature of the Interstate 635 East project proves that transportation planning is broken, sorely lacking in accountability, and in need of new, forward-thinking solutions.When the Texas Transportation Commission deferred action on a seemingly done deal to advance the project, I was as shocked and frustrated as all North Texas drivers. We must take a level-headed analysis of where we are, how we got here and why, so we can learn the lessons from local politicians' many failures. Moving forward, it's time for accountability in transportation finance and planning. It's time to make better utilization of the resources we have. And it's time to get the federal government to give us a better return of Texans' federal gas tax dollars. Advancing the 635 East project remains a top priority, and we can accomplish that without adding yet another costly toll road to drivers' daily commute. I've been working cooperatively with state transportation leaders to get this project delivered in a way that doesn't deepen the divide between haves and have-nots.  Continue reading...

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