North Texas Is Heavily Invested in NAFTA and Changes Should Do No Harm

In a quirk of geography, Dallas-Fort Worth is about equidistant from Mexico City and Toronto, giving us a unique vantage point to assess how the North American Free Trade Agreement has reshaped large parts of the local economy.The focus on NAFTA is especially timely as we head a trade mission starting Sunday to Canada, seeking to promote Dallas and Fort Worth business opportunities, development and tourism with an important partner.Canada is Texas' third-largest trade partner, with $35 billion in import-export activity, and the North Texas region accounted for a large chunk of that. The Dallas-Fort Worth area exports three times more merchandise to both Mexico and Canada than to China, its No. 3 exports destination. About 68 North Texas companies operate in Canada, and almost twice as many Canadian companies do so in North Texas.  Continue reading...

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