No Mystery, But Plenty of Intrigue, in John Creuzot's Campaign for Dallas County DA

The big announcement was a moment of political anti-climax.For a good two months now - more like two years, really -- we've known that former State District Judge John Creuzot had his eyes trained on the Dallas County district attorney's seat.Rest assured, when Creuzot gathered the media and a cadre of supporters, including former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk, at his law office in Oak Lawn early Tuesday, no one figured he was there to hand out Valentine's Day candy.I was stuck at the office, waiting for my flowers to arrive.Still waiting, by the way.Anyway, he'd rolled out his "John Creuzot for Dallas DA" page nine days earlier, on Super Bowl Sunday, sending a half dozen media outlets into a frenzy. One reporter even showed up on the doorsteps of Creuzot's home in Forest Hills neighborhood in east Dallas."I put up his website and Facebook page on Super Bowl Sunday and within hours, six journalists called and one rang his door bell," said campaign spokesman Jeff Dalton.So, yeah, the mystique was missing.Still, Creuzot's formal declaration is a big deal in Dallas politics for several reasons: For starters, it sends an unmistakable signal that Democrats are determined to recover the only countywide seat the party lost in the 2014 elections, when Republican Susan Hawk necked out a win over political meteorite Craig Watkins.  Continue reading...

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