Night of Drinking Ends in Beating of Pregnant Woman Who Hid Booze From Roommate

A pregnant woman told police that her roommate beat her with a chair, kicked her in the stomach and choked her unconscious because she hid a bottle of liquor from him.Antwan Jamerson Campbell, 21, of Wichita Falls was booked into the Wichita County Jail early Wednesday. He faces a charge of family violence assault and failure to identify, jail records showThe Wichita Falls Times Record News reports that Campbell was arrested at an apartment complex in the 4800 block of Johnson RoadThe victim, who is five months pregnant, was crying and clutching her stomach as she told officers what happened:Campbell and a friend dropped by with two bottles of Director's Special Whisky. The three of them polished off one bottle in under an hour, the newspaper reported, citing an arrest warrant. When the two men got ready to leave, the woman hid the second bottle, fearing they'd drink and drive.Campbell demanded the other bottle, but the woman refused, so he hit her in the back of the head with a wooden chair, she told police. He then choked her until she passed out, police said, and then kicked her twice in the side when she came to.The other man tried to intervene and left with Campbell afterward. The woman went to a neighboring home to call 911, and she was later taken to a hospital.Campbell was arrested at another apartment complex. He remains in jail in lieu of $10,500 bail.  Continue reading...

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