New Trump Ad Hits Beto O'Rourke on Border Security: ‘Democrats Do Not Want to Keep Americans Safe'

WASHINGTON - As Donald Trump heads to Southern California on Friday to inspect a new two-mile section of border fence, his campaign unveiled an ad featuring Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke and others who oppose his signature demand for a wall.The ad ensures that Friday's presidential photo op at the Calexico port of entry will do double duty as a campaign appearance. And it keeps the issue of border security front and center as a theme in his push for a second term."Democrats do not want to keep Americans safe," the ad asserts. There's a clip of Trump at a campaign rally declaring: "Democrats want to pretend there is no border crisis,"The 30-second spot opens with O'Rourke stumping at a house party, saying: "We do not need any wall."The three-term congressman from El Paso has crusaded against Trump's border wall. And he's the only Democratic candidate with two appearances in the Trump ad, which includes sound bites from three others seeking the 2020 nomination."This emergency at the border is fake," Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts says in the ad.California Sen. Kamala Harris is shown saying: "They've created a fiction about a crisis at the border.""That we should decriminalize," says Julián Castro, the former housing secretary and San Antonio mayor. This week, he unveiled a plan that would eliminate the federal crime of being in the country illegally, and shift many enforcement duties from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to other agencies.  Continue reading...

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