Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab Founder Scott Emmons Writes About Why He Left the Retailer

Scott Emmons, the guy behind the Memory Mirrors at Neiman Marcus and several other technology-focused tools inside the Dallas luxury store, has left the Dallas-based retailer and penned a column about why.Emmons, a 16-year veteran of Neiman Marcus, brought the retailer lots of kudos in recent years for moving technology into the store in the form of useful tools for employees and shoppers.But on Monday the director and founder of Neiman Marcus' innovation lab appeared on a panel at the National Retail Federations annual meeting in New York and then published a column in The Business of Fashion with his departing thoughts. Emmons said he's moved on to TheCurrent Global, an innovation consulting firm where he becomes chief technology officer."Corporate innovation programs seem to start strong and sharp, but over time, they are devoured and diminished by surrounding day-to-day business processes, making maintaining momentum nearly impossible," Emmons wrote. "It's one thing to talk about agility and risk, but when you're not built for either, measured by cost reductions and operating silos, results tend to be only incremental."  Continue reading...

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