NBC5 Forecast: Still Cold, But Dry

Another cloudy and chilly day is in store for North Texas, but we could see a few breaks in the clouds by afternoon. A brief warm up is to come Friday and Saturday, followed by a blast of arctic air this weekend featuring colder air and gusty north winds.Wind chills will be in the teens for any New Year's Eve activities Sunday night with a low chance for some wintry precipitation. Any freezing drizzle will be very light. No major accumulations are expected. But even a thin glaze of ice could cause major headaches for travelers on the roads Sunday evening. At this point, it is much too early to say for sure, but keep close tabs on our forecast if you plan to be on the road on New Year's Eve. New Year's Day will feature a gradual decrease in clouds, but with a continuing cold north wind, it will stay below freezing all day long.Latest Video Forecast TODAY: Mostly cloudy and cold. High: 43. Wind: E 5 mph. TONIGHT: Partly cloudy. Low: 32. Wind: E 5 mph. FRIDAY: Partly cloudy and cool. High: 51. Wind: SE 5-10 mph. SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy and cool, with a 20% chance for rain showers. Low: 40. High: 52. Wind: S 10-15 mph. SUNDAY: Cloudy, windy and turning much colder again. There will be a 20% chance for drizzle. As temperatures fall through the afternoon, it is possible that freezing drizzle could coat some bridges and overpasses. Low: 34. High: 36, but dropping into the 20s by evening. Wind: N 20-30 mph. MONDAY (New Year's Day): Partly to mostly cloudy, windy and sharply colder to start 2018. Low: 20. High: 30. Wind: N 15-25 mph. TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and cold. Low: 19. High: 37. Wind: SE 10 mph. WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy and cold. Low: 26. High: 43. Wind: E 10 mph. THURSDAY: Partly cloudy and cold. Low: 30. High: 46. Wind: NE 10 mph. FRIDAY: Partly cloudy and cold. Low: 34. High: 49. Wind: SE 10 mph. SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and cool. Low: 37. High: 54. Wind: S 10-15 mph.  Continue reading...

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