NBC 5 Forecast: One More Day of Mild Weather

The mild weather will stick around for just one more day before turning colder on Thursday. The sky will remain mostly cloudy tonight and through the day Wednesday. Highs will be in the mid 70s again. A few showers and storms will also be possible during the day Wednesday, but the best chance for rain will be Wednesday night through the morning hours of Thursday. Once the cold front blows by Thursday morning, expect the north wind to kick up and the temperature to drop. We will be in the 60s first thing in the morning, but will drop through the 50s and into the upper 40s by Thursday evening. By Friday morning, we will be back below freezing with many areas down in the middle to upper 20s.It will take a while to warm back up again. Highs will be in the 40s both Friday and Saturday. We will get back up around 60 on Monday before another cold front cools us down again. TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy and mild. Low: 64. Wind: S 5-15 mph. WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy, breezy, and warm with a 40% chance for a few showers or storms, especially north of DFW. Low: 64. High: 76. Wind: S 10-20 mph. THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy and breezy with a 40% chance for scattered showers and storms in the morning. Temperature of 62 in the morning, dropping to 48 by 5 PM. Wind: SW/N 10-20 mph. FRIDAY: Partly cloudy and colder. Low: 27. High: 44. Wind: NE 10-15 mph. SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and cold. Low: 33. High: 46. Wind: NE/SE 10 mph. SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy and cool with a 40% chance for scattered showers. Low: 40. High: 54. Wind: SE 10-15 mph. MONDAY: Mostly cloudy and breezy with a 30% chance for scattered showers. Low: 47. High: 60. Wind: S 10-20 mph. TUESDAY: Partly cloudy and cool. Low: 41. High: 55. Wind: N 10-15 mph. WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy, breezy, and cool. Low: 40. High: 53. Wind: SE 10-20 mph. THURSDAY: Partly cloudy and breezy. Low: 44. High: 58. Wind: SE 10-20 mph. FRIDAY: Partly cloudy and seasonal. Low: 44. High: 60. Wind: SE 10-15 mph.   Continue reading...

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