Natural Beauty in Southern Dallas and More From Robert Wilonsky This Week

Here's the latest edition of Robert Wilonsky's Most Dallas Newsletter Ever. Enter your email address to subscribe below.How Did Dallas Grow North, When Its Beauty Lies South? Thursday evening, about an hour before sunset, I drove down to the Texas Horse Park -- for a column. And for myself. As maybe you -- as a dedicated follower of this here newsletter -- have read, I've typed a couple of columns about the city's tussle over the $15-million horse park in Pleasant Grove, off Pemberton Hill Road. Long story short: No one wanted to build it for the city, or fill it when the city wound up paying for it, which is how Dallas wound up with a Collin County-based nonprofit whose CEO has been accused of animal cruelty and slow-walking bills. And now that nonprofit won't git after city attorneys said it was in breach of contract. To paraphrase Jeff Tweedy, there's a court date coming this June. So. After court last week, off I went to the Texas Horse Park. Just because I wanted to drive around the horse park's neighborhood -- specifically, that stretch of Elam Road that runs parallel to the AT&T Trail. Where there are horses. And ponds. And wildflowers. And, days after a rainstorm, it still smells like it just poured, and the Trinity stretches its mighty reach to the concrete trails laid in its path. It's not the prettiest piece of the Trinity Forest; it's no Texas Buckeye Trail. There's still too much city in that part of the "country" for my taste -- too many electricity towers along the trail laid in the easement, for instance, and too many discarded tires along the trail, a forever reminder of the abuse heaped upon this river, this land, the people who live here. But it's as good a place as any in this city to lose yourself, but eight whole miles from downtown. Usually I like to put some news in this spot. But not today. Today, there is only this reminder that it is easy to escape this city without having to drive far from its center. I still do not understand how Dallas grew north, when all that it beautiful about this city lies in its south. Not even my father, a child of Fair Park, can answer this simple question? Perhaps someone out there can enlighten me. The badgeToday's column is about how voters in southern Dallas feel so betrayed, again and again and again, that they no longer even feel the need to vote. Because why bother, when you're only going to be sold out again. Which reminds me: Election Day is Saturday. And Dwaine Caraway has until Sunday to report to federal prison to begin his 56-month sentence for taking $450,000 in kickbacks and bribes. Public SquareOne good thing about Saturday's election is that it got Wednesday's Dallas City Council briefing canceled. We should have elections every weekend. See you next week. Recent Columns in Case You Missed Them   Continue reading...

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