‘My Aryan Princess,' JWP Jury Deadlocked, TAG Falls From First: Your Tuesday Evening News Roundup

Good evening. Here are some stories you may have missed today.Do you want to get this roundup via email? Sign up for our newsletters here.‘My Aryan Princess’: Drugs fuel a woman’s descent into the world of a violent BrotherhoodCarol Blevins risked her life as a spy for the United States government. She infiltrated the nation’s most violent street gang, the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, set up its most powerful general, and escaped minutes before she might have been murdered.Today, the woman who spent six years as a predator now lives as prey while assassins search for her. No protection from the feds, financial support or realistic hope for a better life.My Aryan Princess is a true-crime drama, a gritty and voyeuristic journey into drug dens, inner sanctums of power and the ritualistic savagery of avowed racists.Listen: Fuel your commute with an audio version of the story.Watch: Agents detail the takedown of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas — the biggest blow against organized crime in Texas history.Cast of characters: From confidential informants to Homeland security, get the break down who’s who.  Continue reading...

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