Murder of Undercover Cop Sent Ripples Through Midlothian Still Felt 30 Years Later

The gunshots rang out as darkness fell that drizzly autumn night on a field where three Midlothian High School students had shared a joint. Two of them headed back to the road to catch their pre-arranged ride. One was the son of a Dallas police officer. The other had a fascination with the occult and Satanism. Left behind in the field was a classmate they'd just killed, an undercover police officer who'd been posing as a student since the start of that school year to root out drugs on campus. Thirty years have passed since 21-year-old George William Raffield Jr. was gunned down on the job on Oct. 23, 1987. His sister can't stop asking why. "It's still very real," said Sheryl Raffield, 52, who is reminded about the crime each year when one of her brother's killers gets considered for parole.  Continue reading...

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