Murder of a Disabled Person Should Draw Same Outrage as Any Other Killing, But It Doesn’t, Advocates Say

When a child is killed by a parent, people are typically outraged — unless the victim is a disabled child, then, there's a tendency to rationalize the slaying, disability advocates say."These comments often take the form of saying, 'I understand why the perpetrator did what they did,'" said Zoe Gross, a spokeswoman for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. "We don't hear those comments when a parent kills non-disabled child. Because when a parent kills a child, a horrific crime has been committed."On Sunday, Donald Zriny, 58, strangled his disabled adult daughter and then hanged himself in the family's Lucas home, officials said. The former Lucas Council member was described by former colleagues as a devoted father to 26-year-old Amanda Zriny. She was born with mental and physical disabilities that prevented her from walking, talking, reading or writing, court records said.Her father’s colleagues said she appeared happy and well-cared for when the two were out and about.Officials haven’t said what motivated the deaths.   Continue reading...

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