Mobike, No Problem? Fifth Bike-share Company Pulls Into Dallas, With More on the Way

To the glut of bike-share companies swamping Dallas' streets and, mostly, its sidewalks, add another: Mobike. No joke.Long rumored to have its eye on Dallas, the billion-dollar Beijing-based company announced late Saturday that beginning this frigid weekend — "just in time for New Year's Eve" — its orange-and-gray bikes are being rolled out downtown.The release doesn't say how many bikes it's adding to downtown, only that, for now at least, it's a "limited number."Like VBikes, Spin, LimeBike and Ofo, Mobikes are inexpensive to rent: $1 for every half-hour of use, along with a one-time refundable deposit — something VBikes had when it debuted in Dallas in August but quickly did away with after customer complaints. And they're dockless, meaning they can be picked up and dropped off anywhere.  Continue reading...

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