MJ Hegar Wants to Use Campaign Funds on Childcare as She Runs Against John Cornyn, and He's OK With That

WASHINGTON -- MJ Hegar, candidate for U.S. Senate and mother of two young kids, has asked the Federal Election Commission for the OK to spend campaign donations on childcare as she seeks to oust Sen. John Cornyn."The time and travel demands of federal candidacy place a unique burden on the parents of young children," she told the FEC. Cornyn weighed in on Friday with the commission -- offering his "full support." Hegar is the most prominent Democrat hoping to deprive the Texas Republican of a fourth term. An Air Force helicopter pilot and veteran of combat in Afghanistan, she fell just short of ousting Rep. John Carter in a district north of Austin, drawing national attention with a high octane campaign ad that went viral. Federal law bars diversion of campaign cash to "personal use." Donor funds can't be spent on groceries or a home mortgage. But the FEC has long held that candidates may tap campaign accounts for outlays they wouldn't need to make if they weren't running for office. In 1975, the commission let a candidate pay for childcare out of campaign funds when his wife joined him on the stump.  Continue reading...

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