MJ Hegar Invades Rival Royce West's Turf, Says She's the Fighter Needed to Take Down Republican John Cornyn

Campaigning in rival Royce West's backyard, Senate hopeful MJ Hegar said she was the Democratic Party's best chance to unseat Republican incumbent John Cornyn."I'm the fighter it's going to take to beat John Cornyn," Hegar told about 80 people at a Dallas County Democratic Party luncheon. "Texas is tired of voting for politicians. They want one of us."In a news conference after the event, Hegar, who lives in Round Rock, reiterated that Democrats needed to choose a "fighter," not a career politician."I do think I will win the primary and then I will win the general against John Cornyn and that's because the people of Texas want a fighter," she said."I'm going to connect with people on an authentic level because I am a working mom and a combat vet, not a career politician," she said.West said he agreed that Texans needs a fighter against Cornyn, adding that he brought a diverse set of skills to the campaign."I agree that we don't need a career politician," said West, a lawyer who has been in the Texas Senate since 1993. "I'm a fighter with strong business acumen and a strong record of public service."Hegar's remarks signal that she'll run her Senate campaign as a political outsider, while focusing on a compelling life narrative that includes a career as an Army helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, as well as an author and mother.  Continue reading...

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