Millions of Texans Would See Tax Cut Under House GOP Plan, But Many Also Would Not

WASHINGTON -- Millions of Texans would see tax cuts under the sweeping revamp that House Republicans are pitching as long overdue relief for middle-income taxpayers. Dallas retiree Vicki Carusi is likely not one of them.The 63-year-old, who relies upon a pension and savings, has multiple sclerosis.She’s long been able to write off the many thousands of dollars she incurs each year in qualified medical expenses. But the GOP plan would eliminate that break. And so even though Carusi would pay a lower tax rate, she can’t see how the math would work in her favor.“I don’t think it will,” she said.Republicans are now grappling with the real faces that Carusi and millions of others put on the reality that any major tax overhaul produces winners and losers.Multiple analyses of the House GOP plan show that it would provide, on average, tax relief at every income level. Those same studies generally show that the biggest gains would go to wealthier earners, while millions of middle-income Americans would pay more.  Continue reading...

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