Michael Quinn Sullivan's Secret Audio of Texas House Speaker Blurs Line Between Journalism, Activism

AUSTIN -- For the past month, Michael Quinn Sullivan has been the narrator of this year’s most explosive Texas political firestorm. On his website the Texas Scorecard, Sullivan broke news of the scandal involving the powerful and popular Speaker Dennis Bonnen, forcing the lawmaker to publicly apologize for trashing his colleagues in a secret meeting.Sullivan boasts that he’s a watchdog, shedding light on politicians behaving badly. At the same time he refuses to release his exclusive recording of his meeting with Bonnen. It’s a move he has said is at least partially motivated by concern that the contents would damage Republicans. He has also refused all requests for interviews and opportunities to listen to the audio from local news organizations.For years, Sullivan has been fighting to operate on this knife’s edge -- one where he can freely continue his work influencing lawmakers and lavishing money on candidates, while labeling himself a member of the media. It’s been an uphill battle, which is playing out in an expensive court fight, but in this latest political saga Sullivan finds himself right where he wants to be: the writer of his own story.   Continue reading...

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