Michael Quinn Sullivan Can Do the Public a Favor — Release the Dennis Bonnen Tape

The problem with wearing two faces is that it’s hard for people to trust which face is real and which one is show.It’s the sort of thing that all too commonly catches our political leaders, and that appears to have pulled in Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen.After a fiery denial that he had ever targeted members of his own caucus in a sneaky quid pro quo with blogger and wannabe kingmaker Michael Quinn Sullivan, Bonnen is backtracking. He's apologizing to his own caucus as well as to House Democrats on bended knee and in language so supplicant as to test sincerity. "While I am not a deserving recipient of his kindness and concern, I am forever grateful and will not forget the lesson in character and sincerity he has taught me," Bonnen said of Rep. Jon Rosenthal, D-Houston, who, in a more private context, Bonnen reportedly described as skin-crawling.  Continue reading...

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